The Best of Oath & Grind 2021
Susan Hoff
December 28, 2021

Check out O&G's most popular blog posts of 2021!

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And just like that, we are wrapping up 2021. What a perfect opportunity to reflect back on the year and aspire for higher goals in the coming new year! Below is compilation of the most popular blog posts of 2021. If you haven't read them before, you now have a one-stop-shop of the highest ranking posts. What are you waiting for? Get reading!


1. The 3 Benefits of Kickboxing

Shed the weight and shred your muscles by adding in some kickboxing workouts to your routine.

2. Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

Want a full-body workout with only one piece of equipment? Try this 30-minute kettlebell workout!

3. 4 of the Most Effective Tricep Exercises

Intersperse these tricep exercises into your upper body routine for lean and toned arms.

Nutrition & Recipes:

1. Golden Hour - The Golden Milk Latte Experience

Relax with a cup of this cozy, colorful, and healthy latte!

2. Roasted Avocado Squash with Lemon and Thyme

Blend the buttery flavor of avocado squash together with a touch of heat and a citrus zing!

3. Worth the Calories: 5 High-Calorie Foods that are Worth Eating

Fill up on these five foods for maximum R.O.C. (Return onConsumption).


1. Get Mad: 4 Healthy Outlets for Anger

Find freedom and release by outwardly expressing your inward feelings.

2. 3 Ingredients for Healthy Aging

Age gracefully with a little help from these three nutrients.

3. How to Stop Burning Yourself Out

Cut off your addiction to "busy" and learn to slowdown.

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