Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Eating Right
Susan Hoff
August 26, 2021

Think of your clean eating plan like a marathon, not a sprint.

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You want to make a change. You notice the number on the scale inching higher and your jeans' zipper sticking on the way up. So you begin restricting your calories. A few weeks into your diet plan, you excitedly jump on the scale—only to see the same number as before. You feel frustrated and discouraged. All that work for nothing! And the slippery slope back into sloppy eating continues.

I love goals and think they can be incredibly helpful for losing weight or getting back in shape. But sometimes they feel so far-off and unattainable that you can feel overwhelmed and stop before you even start.

While changing your eating can feel burdensome, think of this change as a marathon and not a sprint. You may not lose the weight as quickly as you had hoped or make perfect dietary decisions every single day. But don't feel discouraged. You are headed in the right direction. Below are three of the most common reasons people break their clean eating plans and how to head off the excuses before they take hold.

1. I'm Too Busy

I don't doubt it. It's crazy how much we can fit into our daily schedules. But, busy bees can also find time to eat right. Here are a few tips to try.

- Pick quick recipes:

You don't have to get into the nitty gritty of homemade, healthy cooking and make everything from scratch. On those busy weeknights, pick recipes that fit in your meal plan and your schedule. A hearty salad, a buddha bowl, or a wrap take only a few minutes to toss together.

- Utilize Your Freezer:

I am a huge fan of meal planning for the week. You can make a few meals over the weekend when you have more time and then store them in your freezer. That way, when you get home and feel worn out, you do not have to run down to the first fast-food restaurant you see for a quick fix. Pull a meal out of the freezer, heat it up in the oven, and call the family down for a healthy night in!

- Pick up healthy on-the-go snacks:

If you left the house this morning without prepping anything, don't give up completely on your clean eating kick! You can still find a quick bite to eat at the grocery store or coffee shop that will take the same amount of time as running through the drive-through. Think: yogurt, fruit and nuts, protein bars, etc. Or, make something the night before, like overnight oats or protein bites that you can grab quickly and get through the morning.

2. Healthy Eating Is Too Expensive

It definitely can be. But you don't have to spend extra on healthy meals if you plan ahead. Save money and eat right with these tips.

- Buy in bulk:

Avoid the pre-packaged meals that market themselves as "healthy." They probably aren't as healthy as they look anyway and will cost more than if you whipped the same ingredients together yourself. Instead, buy your meat in bulk and store it in your freezer. Roast a big batch of veggies for the week to ensure they won't go bad on you. Purchase frozen fruit so you'll always have it on hand and be able to make a quick smoothie to-go.

- Know the Dirty Dozen:

You do not have to buy everything organic! Know the top 12 fruits and veggies that are exposed to the most pesticides and purchase your produce accordingly.

- Buy in season:

When buying high quality fruits and veggies, the price can add up. I recommend walking down the aisles of your local farmer's market and purchasing what is in season. More often than not, the seasonal produce will cost less. Always check to see what is marked down and change your menu based on which fruits and veggies you end up picking out!

3. I'm Traveling Too Much

You're on vacation or traveling for work. Enjoy the time away! You don't have to be perfect while traveling, but you can also think through your meals and snacks in order to not totally fall off the clean-eating wagon.

- Eat out with discretion:

If it is portion-sizes you are worried about splurging on, then ask someone to split a meal with you. Or, when you order, ask if they can cut your meal in half and package the second half up for you to take home. It saves you money as well!

- Limit your indulgences:

Be picky about the things you want to indulge in. Maybe you want to have a couple of drinks tonight. Try to keep your sugars and empty calories down throughout the day. If you love brunch, get the breakfast quiche and savor it! Then, cut back with a lighter dinner and opt out of dessert for the evening.

- Plan ahead:

Bring healthy snacks in your purse. When you get hungry, grab your raw, unsalted trail mix instead of having to stop for appetizers... which just have to be paired with a cocktail or two. Plan for a few happy hours during your trip instead of happening upon them every evening when you get the urge to snack.

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